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Capital: Dushanbe. Population: 7,349,145. Currency: Somoni (TJS). Hitchability: .

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The Tajikistan Language is known as Tajik, Tajiki, Persian, Tajik language, or at times Tadzhik is a modern variation of the Persian language spoken in Central Asia. Referred to as an Indo-European language evolving from the … Tajik to English Translation tool includes online translation service, English text-to-speech service, English spell checking tool, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much more. The most convenient translation environment ever created. Language in Tajikistan Tajik is the official language, an ancient Persian language similar to the languages of Iran and Afghanistan. In the Pamir Mountains, there are at least five different languages, all related to an even more ancient form of Iranian. They are good for Russian and European languages. The series of video lecture aimed to develop proficiency in Tajik langauge studies 2020-05-24 Online Tajik keyboard (Persian language) to type a text with the Cyrillic characters of the Tajik alphabet 2021-03-10 Tajikis is official language in Tajikistan, it is a modern variety of the Persian language (Farsi) and spoken in Central Asia.

the Republic of Tajikistan.

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They speak their  Although Tajikistan is more than 80% ethnic Tajik or Uzbek, Russians hold many of the The weekly will be published in five languages - Tajik, Russian, Uzbek,  Tajik is spoken principally in the new nation of Tajikistan, which borders both Afghanistan and China. It is spoken by about 3½ million people here, somewhat   Sep 24, 2010 Other languages. In addition to dialects of Tajiki and Uzbek, languages such as Kyrgyz, Pamir dialects and Yaghnobi are spoken in Tajikistan.

Tajikistan language

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Tajik is one of the two official languages of Tajikistan, the other being Russian as the official interethnic language. In Afghanistan (where the Tajik people minority forms the principal part of the wider Persophone population), this language is less influenced by Turkic languages , is regarded as a form of Dari and as such has co-official language status. Se hela listan på Se hela listan på Tajikistan also has small communities of native speakers of Persian, Arabic, Pashto, Eastern Armenian, Azerbaijani, Tatar, Turkmen, Kazakh, Chinese, Ukrainian. Among foreign languages, the most popular is English, which is taught in schools in Tajikistan as one of the ^ Siddikzoda, S. "Tajik Language: Farsi or not Farsi?" in Media Insight Central Asia #27, August 2002 ^ UNHCHR – Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – Summary Record of the 1659th Meeting : Tajikistan. 17 August 2004. CERD/C/SR.1659 ^ Library of Congress Country Study – Tajikistan It belongs to the Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Southwestern, Persian family.

People Talking. Antal talare. 8 000 000. Family Tree.
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Tajikistan language

Language: Svenska. Datum/Tid:. Languages.

Are you an expert on the languages of Tajikistan? If so, we invite you to join our Contributor Program. You’ll receive credits toward complimentary access to Ethnologue for every contribution that is vetted and accepted by our editors.
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About See All. 2nd floor, 31 Vahdat Street, Bokhtar (Kurgan-Tyube) (6,552.48 mi) Kurgan-Tyube, Tajikistan, Get Directions +992 93 905 7373. Contact SMART English Tajikistan on Messenger. Language SMART English Tajikistan. 1,018 likes · 6 talking about this · 4 were here. Языковой центр в г. Бохтар, Таджикистан. При поддержке языкового центра при Самаркандском Государственном Институте umm..

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Tajik Забони Tajikistan > Tajik Institute of Languages web ranking & review including accreditation, study areas, degree levels, tuition range, admission policy, facilities, services and official social media. Unique Tajikistan content for tourists, students, business or those interested in our world! Tajikistan Overview - Overview - Customs and Culture - Diet and Recipes - Language - Religion - Interesting Facts. People Government - Politics Geography Economy News - Weather History Photos - Video Travel Sources United States Edition. Are you an expert on the languages of Tajikistan? If so, we invite you to join our Contributor Program. You’ll receive credits toward complimentary access to Ethnologue for every contribution that is vetted and accepted by our editors.

Tajikistan Chapter - 2020 Tajik  Mar 31, 2021 In the district of Qubodiyon in the Khatlon region of Tajikistan, Uzbek is the predominant language. However, five-years ago, some schools in  Most of the Tajikistan's population is concentrated in the rich Ferghana Valley to the north and the Hissar and Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP)  The official language is Tajik. The Russian language is the language of international communication. Tajikistan was part of ancient Persia's Achaemenid Empire (  Nov 2, 2009 Tajikistan is considering a bill that would prohibit the use of Russian by government agencies in the former Soviet republic. Tajik President  11 languages in Tajikistan · Bartangi · Dungan · Ishkashimi · Oroshor · Parya · Rushani · Shughni · Tajiki Spoken Arabic  Pamiris of Badakhshan are considered to belong to larger group of Tajiks.