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Mars and Venus are the two main planets of relationship, they are opposite in natural zodiac and considered sexual pairs in and make Akrshan Yog in Vedic astrology. However Mars is the planet of war and explosive events and Venus is the planet of love and romance. Mars is will power and vitality, it's our ability to takes action. shop mars venus Shop for natural solutions for anxiety, depression and loss of libido, learn how to live your best life from bestselling books, or enroll in courses that will help you create your dream relationship!

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We should consider the placement of Venus and 7th lord before concluding. Venus is the indicator for Marriage, love etc. 7th house indicates marriage and Spouse. Mars-Venus conjunction also makes the native self-centered and drawn towards sensuality and carnal passions. Native may indulge in affairs out of wedlock.

The person is more masculine in manifestation. Hi Vaibhav, Venus and Mars conjunction would make the person sensual and may have high libido in general.

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Venus represents girlfriend or wife for a man. Venus is the significator of all relations, may it be husband-wife or mother-   If 9th house Lord is placed in the 7th house, second marriage could occur. Conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 7th house of 9th house also showsremarriage  This Mars-Venus Combination can also give Love Marriage if other factor are  Jan 2, 2020 The conjunction between Venus and Mars in their birth chart is indicating they can be assertive and at the same time very cooperative.

Mars venus conjunction marriage

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Venus & Mars are lust, adoration, infatuation – an irresistible sexual or romantic attraction. Alongside our amorous entanglements, they will also be descriptive of how we behave and respond in all our relationships and interactions with others.

In astrology, it has an impact on sex drive. Therefore, positive synastry aspects that involve Mars indicate a healthy sex life, which is one of the key ingredients to a fulfilling marriage. The Moon conjunct Mars synastry suggests a steamy and passionate relationship.
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Mars venus conjunction marriage

Tibetan AstrologyTuesdayTuesday is the day of Mars, and one of the "angry"days.

Not necssarily, Mars and Venus conjunction alone will not guarantee love marriage.
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Astrology of January 13 to 19 - Venus into Pisces, Venus

This combination makes person very unusual and explosive in love. The Mars Venus conjunction has already been exact two time this year, on 22 February in Aries, on 1 September in Leo and now on 3 November in Virgo.

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In the horoscope of women, Mars and Sun represent their husbands. When Venus in a male horoscope in 12th house and Mars in the same house in a female horoscope makes them as they are made for each other. When 5th house has aspect or occupied by a strong planet out of Mars or Moon, the native becomes very emotional and liable to fall in love with the opposite sex very easily but it makes tension in married life.

Normally, this gives a harmonious blending of active and passive energies and makes you sensitive and loving unless both planets are under severe stress. Writing about the Venus-Mars conjunction, astrologers Robert Hand and Robert Pelletier both suggest, that how you relate to the opposite sex, depends greatly on your relationships with the parent of the opposite sex when young. Venus Conjunct Mars Transit.